How to REDUCE weight (fat) SIMPLE !

“Diabetes run in family where family dont run !”

I will start with how i used to, what i did, what i think, and where am i currently standing in the battle.

How my lifestyle USED to be

Being a food lover, who tends to eat at whatever he wishes, at whatever time he craves. Adding to it IT profession does help in gathering and storing more fats and stopping me from sweating (which i used to do when i was very young). I had almost not sweated for a long time back in 2010 – (mid)13, now don’t get me literally. I used to gorge whole pizza with double cheese easily and then with a hour gap gulp my home cooked meal . I never used to walk, always on some or the other vehicle to ease my transportation. Whenever i used to go for grocery shopping , fill in plenty of package food and aerated drinks and gorge with lust. Without realizing body started to gain weight, it was not shocking for me. But things changed, with no time i was weighting 81 kgs from 65 kgs yes border line for type 1 obesity. TIME TO CHANGE!

Now let’s break down the problem and ask the question to oneself (a very followed technique to reach to a possibly easy solutions).

  1. Why am i gaining weight ? Is my lifestyle/ habit responsible? YES change it.
  2. What am i supposed to do ? Reduce weight ? YES reduce it.
  3. How am i supposed to do it ? Lets find out how

It all comes down to calories, suppose one

  • INTAKES :  1000cal per day with all unhealthy food.
  • BURNS : 600cal per day with less activity
  • SATURATED : 1000cal –  600cal = 400cal (The problem maker !)

Now to maintain weight intake should be equal to calories burnt, but now to get in shape we have to burn calories. Equation is really simple SWAP the calories. So, we lower the calorie intake by eating healthy and burn more calorie by doing activities which facilitates same. With this in mind we chalk our plan.

What i did

I started activities before reducing the calories (wink) and that was not easy for a fellow who have stopped walking for a long time. I started walking for 2kms and it was hell of experience. I gave up plenty of times. But started again and again till it was a routine, and makes me restless unless i follow it. Now i walk for 4kms and run for 2kms and incrementing.

One important thing where one fails is to make it routine. I hate to wake up early so i break down my problem and found a solution, I WILL WALK ANYTIME ,now time is not an issue i remember walking at evening, night, mid-night unless it was a routine. Once its a routine half battle is won. I stopped monitoring my weight, my only motto was “Eat healthy and stay fit”. People often find excuses, reasons to avoid ,come on who are you fooling, at end it all comes down to you, its you who will be benefited.

Now we are good on burning lets focus on eat healthy. I completely avoided package food like noodles, chips, soups, ready to cook, cheese, salted peanuts. Instead i started with freshly cooked home food with very less oil, and changing from fried to roasted. And avoiding mid night snacks (i really love those especially sitting in front of TV).

After few couple of months i weighted damn 2 kgs dropped. First success !. Overwhelmed lets party ! Yeah really treat your body for such a success. Not to be frequent in gifting your body. After following and incrementing my activities i reached to a point where my weight was 75kgs. Then i stayed on this weight for almost like for months blame on my dying fire, but something was not right, later i found that body at some point goes into starvation mode. Really, what is this starvation mode?  this is a phase where body don’t reduce weight because body feels its starving and reason for losing weight, so it halts, this is where hopes are lost and tossed, follow the routine and success will follow.

Status of my BATTLE

Currently i weight 74kgs following the daily routine day in & out chasing to be fit. I reduced 7kgs in period of 9 months. Yeah its long time and its gradual but i like it that way, bulging body is not starved, nor are there any post reduction consequences, skin is also not hanging loose which is a big problem in jiffy fat reduction.

Please share your experience if you had any. Or did any of my blah blah helped you. Or motivated (wink). I love to hear your screams.


Must have Android APPs ! Best in class 2014-2015!

I came across many peps who buy smartphones for sake of screen and quality of music. But they forget to ask the question, are they really utilizing the “SMARTNESS“. Here are few apps “i think” makes a smart phone “SMART“.

Note : I would like to advice since i have downloaded and used many apps which gives me a upper hand. I had android from days of ICS and above, till today June 2014 i must have downloaded more than 400 apps and used them. So, i might advice you better, also being a technology freak and artistic inclination i choose the best among the rest. 


LAUNCHER First every phone must have, is a Launcher App. There are many in market from freeware to limited features to paid versions. I came across three beautiful launchers.

Go Launcher (Freeware) Play Store Link
Nova Launcher (Freeware) Play Store Link
TSF Shell 3d (Paid Version) Play Store Link

These above launchers are best in their class but i personally prefer TSF launcher 3d, its the best and most innovative launcher i have seen with features one could never think of. and a sure shot head turning experience. One more launcher i would love to have once i get bored from TSF is

Buzz Launcher (Freeware) Play Store Link

Again very innovative and a must launcher for those who prefer easy and most innovative layouts with ease. Many of talented contributors contribute their layout which can be applied in jiffy.

MUSIC PLAYER Off many music apps which goes from google play music,n7, rocket,playerpro to power amp. I choose

Jet Audio (Freeware & Pro) Play Store Link

OFFLINE MAPS The only app that justifies the true offline maps is Sygic App. Best in class 3d maps for offline use, means one does not need internet but only gps module which is available in all android based smart phones. Sygic for India is free and requires no bling.

Sygic Offline Navigation(Freeware & Pro) Play Store Link

NOTES Both are best in class both sync to cloud storage. I personally use both but for daily and heavy use i use Google Keep its very smooth,fast,simple and colorful, in short does what it needs to.

Google Keep Play Store Link
Evernote Play Store Link

More will join in and page will be updated periodically.

Thoughts i come across

Many thoughts i came across on television and social media which really makes me think twice, and touches me deep inside. I will put down these thoughts and scribble it on a single post so that it can be visited rather than loitering around the whole blog.

“What is the point of going up if you cant look down”

A saying by a parkour fanatic who does some awesome adventure which puts chills down ones spine.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

Another on similar line

“Never wrestle with a pig, you’ll both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it”

I bet many of us have came across such kind of peoples and am not exception.  

“Love is not about possession but Love is about appreciation”

A well formed thought and adjectives explains it all, many think the opposite makes them hard core lover.

“Discussion is always better than argument.Because argument is always about finding who is right, and discussion is always about finding what is right.”

Many forget the basic of discussion which many forget and turns a discussion to an ugly debate.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and i find the harder i work, the more i have of it.” -Thomas Jefferson

I am firm believer in luck the day i read this, it changed the way i look at luck.

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap peoples.” -Warren Buffet

Experience  makes you a firm believer in such quotes, and truly it makes a deep sense with many actors surrounding us.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

“If you want to walk fast – walk alone. If you want to walk long – walk together” – Ratan Tata