About Me

Saurabh Sarang
Born in middle class family with two loving sisters, who etched their path with high educational qualifications, following their footstep went deeper in science to discover the might and with a hope of less number crunching. Dwelled successfully and carved a niche path in Bachelors followed by Masters to become highly qualified professional to raise my head high and tried equalling my shoulders. Innovations and thinking is what i believe, thinking above or out of box is what i follow, preaching and sharing is what i like. You will always find me doing something, my desk best describes about my half-done projects, ongoing activities. In spare time i like to decode myself during which i found that my first impression is very harsh. Yes ! people find me very arrogant, but to their dismay I AM NOT. Being a cleanliness freak, i love things in their right place and but obvious in their charming condition, which puts-off my girlfriend (she gets annoyed for many reasons its just one of them). I love spending time alone with no one around, which is bit of difficult in metro cities like mumbai, where average space per human is decreasing at considerable amount, because of this i love spending time after midnight when everyone are deep in space, and best time to think reasonably. Currently, i am fighting to lose weight. Eat healthy & stay fit is my mantra, which am following for quiet long time and is definitely helping me. Expand and revisit my knowledge is what i want to follow, and spend most of my time in near future.



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